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Teaser Tuesday: NaNoWriMo Day one.

ursa-major2Yes I have decided to set myself the challenge of writing a novel during the month of November. The story is called Ursa Major which for those whose first language isn’t Latin, means Great Bear. Many of you will know this as the name of a stellar constellation so it will be no surprise to know that the Bear in the story is a Professor of Astronomy and Space Science.

There are five Tuesdays in this November so you can expect teasers from the novel on each of those days. Here are the opening paragraphs written this morning.

PART ONE: Good Morning Rosetta.

There’s something quite unique about the experience of driving late at night through the countryside. This is especially true when the journey takes you along quiet country lanes on cold winter nights. Sitting in the warm comfortable interior, the car somehow protects you from the elements and yet it connects you to them. This man-made bubble of metal and glass with all it’s glowing internal lights, reaches out to it’s surroundings with bright white beams. They progressively reveal your route as you speed along it.

English country lanes are certainly not uniform. Night driving like this can have you traversing open countryside one minute, then the next you are racing through a tunnel of branches where the trees are attempting to reach over the road and shake hands with each other. Just occasionally the brightest of the stars can be spotted through the wooden lattice but even on a crystal clear night like this, the envelope of light around the car obscures most of the myriad jewels twinkling above.

I’d left the sprawling city of Manchester madrid_060508_mxalx_078behind almost an hour ago and was hurrying south to my destination on the Cheshire plain. I closer I got, the more I felt the stresses of the day falling away. Anticipation and excitement grew as I neared my goal and I thought about the significance of what was to unfold over the next twenty four hours. Meeting with the funding board was one of the less pleasurable duties expected of a head of department and this evening had been hard work. Even the most modern of universities could take on an air of pomposity and stuffiness when you were dealing with the upper levels of academic management.

I smiled to myself at the irony of the evening. The last few hours had been spent justifying and defending the funding of my department. The next few hours would hopefully be spent successfully using the resources of that same department to make a major contribution to the exploration of space. One of the last great frontier explorations to challenge the human race.

Teaser Tuesday: Vampire Shenanigans

Another Tuesday, another Teaser! This is another one from the urban fantasy novel (still unnamed), which is coming along very well indeed. I already have a list of issues I want to address when I get to the editing stage. That’s a good thing – it means that I don’t have any illusions of perfection that might be rudely shattered once I start reading over the first draft.

Today’s teaser goes into a bit of detail on my vampires. Their description here is fairly standard stuff (I will not be blowing any minds by having vampires that are both graceful and off-putting in their appearance), but there is a bit more to them than what I’m revealing today. I guess you’ll just have to wait for the rest of the book to find out more, though.

(Was that a tease-within-a-tease? I do believe it was.)

The auction was taking place in what had once been a small theatre near the outskirts of the city. The whole area had moved rapidly upmarket after an infusion of Society money, and was now host to a series of fine restaurants, antique dealers and pricey apartments, all of it pumping money into the already-overstuffed coffers of Cambridge’s most powerful vampires.

I had done my research well in advance. I knew that the theatre included an extensive series of basements and underground storage rooms, which is where the preparation for the auction would take place. I was due at one of the service entrances in less than twenty minutes for ‘processing’, a term that grew increasingly more ominous in my mind the more I thought about it. The front entrance was reserved for the vampires themselves , all of them dressed elegantly for a night among their peers. From my seat in a café across the street, I could only just tell that they weren’t human.

It wasn’t anything to do with their appearance. They had become very good at blending in, after all. No, it was the way they moved. Their bodies displayed a kind of unnatural control, as if they were constantly aware and in charge of every moment they made. They looked choreographed, as though every step from their cars to the doors and every casual turn of the head to greet an old acquaintance had been planned in advance. You would never see a vampire stumble or trip over their own feet.

I can see why a lot of people find it off-putting. Besides inducing an instant inferiority complex, it’s also a little bit eery to watch, particularly when you have a lot of them together.

Teaser Tuesday: Post-Action Scene

Here’s another quick teaser from the in-progress urban fantasy novel. I’ve been thinking a lot about pacing while working on this one, and how it’s easy to overdo it on action scenes in an effort to make things ‘fast-paced’. Having some ‘post-action’ scenes to ease the reader back into a slightly lower gear can be a good idea, I’ve found.

(Of course, you’re now going to see the post-action scene completely out of context, where its function won’t be at all obvious. Er, enjoy!)

If you ever want to know whether you suffer from claustrophobia, just lock yourself in a pitch-black stone cube and wait to see if you go crazy. Trust me, you’ll find out soon enough.
The adrenaline rush from our rooftop escape wore off a few minutes after the door closed. My legs suddenly felt like they were made of jelly. I collapsed to the ground, my back against the ‘sarcophagus’ where Hightower was sleeping. Or dead.
Before that day, it had never really occurred to me that a vampire could be killed. I knew it happened occasionally, but I suppose I’d always thought that it was somehow voluntary – in other words, that such powerful beings would only die because they wanted to die. They didn’t age. They didn’t succumb to illness or misfortune like the rest of us. They couldn’t be murdered…or so I’d thought.
Those men had looked like they knew what they were doing when they broke into Hightower’s apartment. And those spears – I’d heard people say that you could hurt a vampire by ‘impaling’ them and had always just assumed that meant a traditional stake-through-the-heart scenario. Those odd steel spears suggested otherwise.
Against all reason, I felt myself drifting to sleep. I didn’t fight it. There was nothing I could do until the door opened, and something told me I was going to need my strength if I was going to survive the night.

Teaser Thursday: Introducing the Vampire

It’s been a little while since I posted a teaser from the urban fantasy novel, so here’s a new one! Work is going pretty quickly on it, and I’m anticipating having a first draft within a month or two. I’ll keep my blog readers posted.

In the meantime, here’s the scene introducing another major character. Enjoy!

The room was suddenly quiet. The buzz of conversation, the clinking of glasses, the occasional laugh rising over the din – all of it stopped as soon as Gerad Hightower spoke.

My escort didn’t miss a beat. “There’s been no mistake, sir. The documents are all here.” He took a sheaf of papers from the inside of his jacket and passed them to Hightower, a small smile on his lips. This was rehearsed, I realised. He had known Hightower would react that way.

“I didn’t bid on this girl,” Hightower said, after glancing at the papers. “As I said, there’s been a mistake.”

“I’m sorry, sir, but if you entered the wrong number on the form-“

“I did not enter the wrong number.”

The entire room must have felt the intensity of his anger. I saw the other vampires lean over to whisper to each other. A few of them even stepped back in alarm. Whoever this guy was, he had a reputation.

A female vampire left her place at the bar and walked up to stand beside him. Her green eyes swooped over me, taking me in at a glance. “Gerad, my dear, is there some problem?”

“Yes. Someone is trying to fool me into thinking I bid on this human.” He thrust the papers at her. She flicked through them briefly, then turned her gaze on my escort.

“What do you know of this?” she asked, softly.

“Only what I told Mr. Hightower, matriarch. His bidding form had the number for this human written on it.

I’m sorry if he made a mistake, but all bids are final.”

“And this would be according to whom…?”

My escort grinned. “According to the patron of this event, who wishes to remain anonymous.”

Teaser Tuesday – Nerd On Top

Here, as promised, is the start of yet another book. And yes, that means that there are two works in progress now!

This is another Gay BDSM Romance story with the working title of ‘Nerd on Top’. By the end of this teaser, you’ll possibly feel that I’ve got the characters confused, since the Nerd is clearly not On Top. Therein lies the story!

What had I done? Why had I allowed my masculine pride to push me into losing it like that?

I glanced at the ceiling, where the blue numbers projected from my alarm clock told me that it was 03.40. Exactly 10 minutes since I last looked. I had fallen into bed just after 1 am, exhausted from the game and from what had happened after it.

Don’t you hate it when you wake up thinking that you have slept through the night, only to discover that you’ve hardly slept at all? I could tell that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again. My mind was fully alert, and showed no signs of winding down again.

We had just lost our second game in a row and as team captain that had left me sore and angry. The mood in the changing room had been miserable. Instead of the usual noisy chatter about their post-game activities, the guys were mostly quiet as they got showered and dressed before heading for home in subdued groups of twos and threes. I was left sitting on the bench looking dejected and too pissed to even get my sweaty kit off. Apart from the occasional fist bumping my shoulder as they passed, most of my team mates left me alone to nurse my battered pride. They all knew that the only thing bigger than Rich Duggan’s muscles was his ego, and right now that ego was hurting.

How does that excuse what I did? Why did that nerd have to be there checking me out? There was a long list of guys to blame for the poor game, and of course I wasn’t on it, so I needed revenge. Jeez, I’m no homo so why had I reacted like that? What part of my twisted, messed up jock brain told me to fuck him?

Teaser Tuesday: The New Book

I mentioned last week that Taking the Gardener is on submission with publishers. In a situation like this, it might be tempting to sit around refreshing your inbox every five minutes just in case, but I’ve found that starting a new project is more productive. Only in my case, I’m starting two new projects. I guess that means I’m twice as productive? (There’s a nice idea.)

Project #1, currently untitled, is an urban fantasy novel that is about as different from Taking the Gardener as a book could be. Here’s a brief teaser from the first chapter:

Audrey would never have suspected that becoming a vampire’s servant would be so boring.

The office they had told her to come to was a modest affair, sandwiched between a newsagents on one side and a bookie’s on the other. There was no sign outside, nothing to suggest that the offices contained anything more exciting than an architectural studio or a  small accountancy firm.

Although the accountancy firm might have been more interesting, all things considered.

“Hello?” Audrey waved to get the receptionist’s attention. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I’ve been sitting here for over an hour, and my appointment was for five.”

The woman behind the front desk glanced up from her computer briefly, shook her head and went back to whatever it was she had been doing since Audrey walked in. Playing solitaire, maybe.

There was nothing in the waiting room to occupy her attention, no magazines or TV or even a bunch of cheap paintings on the walls. She was starting to wonder if this was their way of testing her reaction to intense boredom when a man opened the door beside the reception desk.

“Ah, Ms. Jackson?” he said, glancing down at a sheet of paper in his hands. “Sorry to keep you waiting. If you’d like to come inside, we can get started.”

Exciting stuff, eh? Well, not really, but I don’t want to give away too much. Look out for a teaser from the other project next week!

Teaser Tuesday #9: Three-Way

Taking the Gardener is now in the hands of a publisher (wish me luck!), so this will be the final teaser from that book. Here we meet Eric’s buddy, Scott, who has travelled up from London for the weekend. He’s not at all impressed by the rural idyll, but is very taken indeed with young Tom. As so often in the past, he expects to share the charms of Eric’s newly trained slaveboy.

But then they reached Glebe House, and Eric remembered what he had planned for that night. It wasn’t exactly that his horniness overcame his higher faculties, but it certainly didn’t help.

“Meet me upstairs in ten minutes,” he said to Tom when they were inside. “Don’t worry I won’t keep you too long.”

He went upstairs to prepare. Sure enough, there soon came a knock at his door. Tom seemed taken aback when he realised that Scott was there. “Oh…er, sorry,” he said, red-faced. “I thought…I’ll just go-“

“Wait!” Eric said, slipping into what he thought of as his ‘masterly’ tone.

“We’re the kind of friends who share everything,” Scott cheerfully informed him, putting particular emphasis on the word ‘everything’.

“Indeed. On that note, why are you still dressed?” Eric waited, poised to call things off if Tom seemed genuinely averse to the idea. But instead of fleeing the room, Tom grinned and enthusiastically stripped off his clothes.

“Very nice!” Scott said. Tom blushed furiously at the praise. “Now get over here slaveboy, and get on your knees in front of your Master.”

“Yes Sir!” Tom said, as he scrambled to obey.

Eric looked down at the alluring sight in front of him, at the sexy young slave on his knees, and smiled at Tom’s eagerness. “Take my cock out and make it feel good,” he ordered. It wasn’t long before he was enjoying the sensation of Tom’s preternaturally skilled mouth around his hard cock.

Scott moved closer to the kneeling Tom. He opened his jeans and took his own hardening cock and started to stroke it. Eric, seeing him, grabbed Tom’s hair and pulled him off his stiff meet so he could push him towards Scott’s. With no hesitation, Tom took the second cock into his mouth and started to lick and suck at it.

“Oh, he’s good,” Scott said. “Are you sure he’s not done this before?”

Tom glanced up at them, but carried on his sucking. Scott’s cock wasn’t as thick as Eric’s, but it was very long. Tom himself was sporting a rock-hard erection, but was focussing all of his attention on the task in front of him. Eric was impressed to the point of being proud of ‘his boy’.

“I’m getting close!” Scott announced. “Does he sallow?”

“He will if I tell him to, yes.”

Tom heard this and increased his efforts on Scott’s cock. He expertly brought Scott close to the edge, but then started to struggle when Scott grabbed the sides of his head and turned the cock-sucking into a hard, rapid face-fucking. After one particularly forceful thrust, Tom made a loud gagging sound, growing visibly distressed. Eric was on the verge of calling things off when a loud moan from Scott indicated that he was cumming.

To his great credit, Tom recovered swiftly and turned his attention his Master’s cock without missing a beat. Eric relaxed, but resolved on the spot to have a word with Scott later. Then the effects of Tom’s expert ministrations took over, and he was soon unable to think of much at all.

Teaser Tuesday #8: First Time Continued

Well, it seems like you wanted the hard stuff. I’m glad so many of you enjoyed part one of Erics first experience of man-on-man sex. Here’s part two, where that same scene gets even hotter!

(Oh, and the proof reading and editing of ‘Taking The Gardener’ is almost complete. The final draft will be going off to publishers later this week. Wish me luck!)

Kevin did as he was told, and soon the thin cotton was damp with his spit. It was all Eric could do not to free his cock and order his new slave to suck it. “You want that?” he said, taunting Kevin.

In between licks, Kevin responded with a desperate ‘Yes Sir!’

“Then take off my underwear.”

Eric’s cock sprang free as Kevin enthusiastically divested him of his underwear. It pointed directly at the slave’s face, long and hard above a set of beautiful hairless balls. Kevin looked like a starving man suddenly finding himself in front of a five-star feast. He dived forward, his mouth open to consume Eric’s cock, but Eric quickly took a step back before he could reach it.

“Balls first!” he ordered. His legs almost buckled from underneath him as Kevin began to lick around his thighs, edging closer and closer to his balls. Why had he waited so long to try this?

“Tell me what you want, slave,” he said, almost as turned on by the thrill of power the words gave him as he was by the sight of Kevin kneeling naked and collared in front of him.

“Your cock, Sir! Please let me taste your cock!”

Eric took a firm grip on Kevin’s hair with one hand, while he wrapped his other around the base of his own cock. “Kiss it,” he ordered. Kevin did. “Now open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” Once again, Kevin obeyed. Eric ran the head of his throbbing meat over his slave’s tongue, feeling less like he was engaging in oral sex and more like he was using Kevin’s mouth as a tool for his own pleasure. Of course if he stopped to think about it, that was exactly what he was doing.

But he was moving too fast, too soon. Just the feeling of Kevin’s tongue against the head of his cock was enough to bring him dangerously close to cumming. He pushed Kevin off of him quickly. “Bedroom?” he said.

Kevin pointed towards the door behind him. Eric then reached down as if to help him to his feet, but instead he swept him up into a fireman’s lift and carried him bodily into the bedroom. Once there, he dumped the slave unceremoniously onto the bed.

Eric dragged him around so that his head flopped back over the edge of the bed, then leaned forward and pointed his cock at Kevin’s lips. “Open,” he snapped, and then plunged in. He had read somewhere that this was the best position for deep penetration, and now he was getting to do what he had only dreamed of; not a gentle cock-sucking, but a forceful face-fuck of the eager slave beneath him.

Teaser Tuesday #7: His First Time

The teasers to date have been just that – teasers! I’d thought from the start that I’d keep the raunchier content for the book itself. Feedback so far has been gratifyingly good, but a couple of people have said that I was delivering an image of a Gay Romance novel when what I had promised was a Gay BDSM Romance. (There’s an important distinction there!) Fair point, and as I’m a firm believer in content being driven by feedback, here is part one of the scene where Eric has his first S&M sex encounter with another man. Enjoy!

A short trip on the underground brought them to a typically student-ish part of the city. Thankfully, Kevin was the small flat’s sole occupant.  He made good use of the privacy by stripping down to his jockstrap and collar as soon as they were in the door. It turned out that Kevin was very well-trained indeed: he dropped to his knees in front of Eric with his hands behind his back and his head down, and said, “How can I serve you, Master?”

The simple gesture was enough to obliterate Eric’s lingering uncertainty. Without thinking, he gave his first command: “Lick my boots.”

Kevin obeyed immediately, running his tongue sensually over the toes of Eric’s boots. Eric admired the view of Kevin’s tapered back, slim waist and smooth, appealingly-raised ass. “Take off my boots,” he ordered, and his slave obeyed. Eric then grabbed his head with both hands and pressed Kevin’s face into his crotch, knowing that the slave would be able to feel his hard cock through the thin material of his jeans. “Take off my jeans,” was inevitably his next order.

Once again, Kevin complied without hesitation. He opened Eric’s jean and began to peel them down, but stopped so he could kiss the hard bulge in Eric’s underwear. Suddenly knowing exactly what he should do, Eric gave him a cuff across the head. “Did I tell you to do that, slave?”

“No, Sir! Sorry, Sir!” Kevin said. He seemed to take the cuff as a matter of course. He continued to remove Eric’s jeans, while Eric himself worked on getting rid of his shirt. Soon he was wearing just his underwear, the shape of his cock obvious through the thin cotton.

“Like what you see, slave?” Eric said, running a hand over Kevin’s short black hair.

“Oh yes, Master!”

“Then show me how much you like it.” Eric again pulled Kevin’s head towards his cock and said, “Lick it.”

Come back for part two next week!

Teaser Tuesday #6: The Bricklayer’s Arms

On his first evening in the village, Eric goes to one of the local pubs for a meal cooked by Megan’s mother, Jean. Tom is out at rugby practice, but calls into the pub with some of his team mates. Eric cannot keep his eyes of the young stud but gets caught in the act again. He fears this may only serve to create a tension between them.

He was halfway through his meal when the door burst open to admit three very boisterous young men in rugby shirts and tracksuit bottoms. Eric looked up quickly from his plate to spot a red-cheeked and grinning Tom among the three, and felt a pang of desire like he hadn’t experienced since the car accident.

Tom went over to kiss Megan, then went to join his friends at the bar. Eric began to eat more slowly, not wanting to rush through his best excuse for lingering in the pub. He drank in Tom with his eyes, admiring the shape of the young gardener’s lean body through his rugby shirt.

He was so fixated on admiring him that he completely failed to notice when Tom returned the attention. He glanced up and found himself looking straight into Tom’s eyes. All the light-hearted joviality was gone from them; he looked downright perturbed.

Amateur mistake, he thought, looking away quickly. First he had been caught staring in the kitchen, and now this. He was coming on too strong. Of course, he knew on some level that it was stupid to pursue Tom in the first place, but he had the instincts of a hunter. Even if he told himself it was useless, some part of him would continue to pursue Tom until he was sure the chase would be fruitless.

“Hello there,” he said, giving Tom a wave. Tom nodded at him, but didn’t say anything in reply.

Definitely coming on too strong, then.